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Last Day of Summer”, 30”x10”x1”, Plein a

Janet and Daniel Faubion

St. Johns Bridge


Acrylic on canvas, 2019.

Sold to Janet and Daniel Faubion

Janet and Daniel Faubion

Sacramento, Ca

       I have known Janet since I was in the 1st grade; we were inseparable in our childhood years. Now, 40 years later, we still remain great friends. Janet and her husband Daniel have purchased several pieces of my art. They are not only my good friends, but also my lifelong supporters.

       "I’ve known Susan since the 1st grade. At 6 years old I knew Susan was special. I remember trying to copy her printing when we were learning to write. Susan has always been a natural at anything she did. At 8 years old, she taught me how to play the piano. Of course, she did not need to read the music because she could play by ear. Me...not so much. By age 12, Susan was loving photography and using one of her dad’s cameras to take amazing photos of nature.

       I am fortunate to call Susan my lifelong friend. Her work is exquisite! She offers so many choices for whatever you may be looking for!


       Love you Susan!"   

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