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Last Day of Summer”, 30”x10”x1”, Plein a

Kim Clifton

After the Rain


Plein air oil on canvas, 2020. 

Sold to Kim Clifton

Kim Clifton 

Susan has been many things to me over the past eight years: a rowing coach, a rowing partner, a favorite catering client, and most importantly a real, true friend. She has an open and generous heart, and a fantastic and gentle sense of humor that often catches you off guard. 


Susan has an incredible eye for detail.  As a rowing coach, she picks up nuances and subtleties that are nearly imperceptible to others.  As a friend, she is intuitive to what you need when you need it – there have been many times when she has said just what I need to hear and it is a gift.  As an artist, her eye picks out the detail that might be otherwise overlooked or the perspective that may not be obvious. Her art, her paintings, drawing, photography, are as approachable and warm as she is, and like Susan, they just draw you in.

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