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Here you will find personal artwork testimonials from some of my cherished clients and friends.

Artist Testimonials 

It's like the painting doesn't end at the edges of the canvas. It has this slippery ability to suck one into its inner space."

-Joy Pepin


Murder One

Acrylic on cradled wood panel.

Sold to Joy Pepin

She starts full force, holds nothing back. No hesitation when it needs a major change;  she scrapes and makes her changes. Fearless."  

-Jef Gunn

I am fortunate to call Susan my lifelong friend. Her work is exquisite! She offers so many choices for whatever you may be looking for!"

-Janet Faubion


Ruby Red

Beeswax, tree resin, and pigment on canvas.

Sold to Janet and Daniel Faubion

Her art, her paintings, drawing, photography, are as approachable and warm as she is, and like Susan, they just draw you in.” 

- Kim Clifton

After the Rain


Plein air oil on canvas, 2020. 

Sold to Kim Clifton

She is absolutely fearless as an artist, which is a very rare thing, and what all of us who love the visual arts aspire to. She has a very loose and unmatchable, yet extremely recognizable and relatable way of creating her art that draws the viewer right into the work, no matter what the subject is."

-Patty Rebholz 

Old Man in the Sea


Acrylic on canvas, 2011

Sold to Patty Rebholz

(one of my very first paintings)

I adore Susan.  She is just a wonderful human being.  She is fun, kind and a brilliant artist.  She is so talented in so many mediums.

I have some of her nudes that I plan on framing and hanging in my new home. They are full of joy and openness with a new and freeing interpretation of the human form."

-Dana Eggerts

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