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Last Day of Summer”, 30”x10”x1”, Plein a

Jef Gunn

Jef Gunn

Portland, Oregon


I met Jef in 2016 when he built some custom shelving for me. Shortly after, I learned that he was an accomplished artist whom I shared many things in common with. After some time of getting to know Jef, he convinced me to utilize what the brilliant artists in Portland have to offer and start taking some classes-his class would be one of them. Jef has taught me so much about myself as an artist. He is not only a skilled artist and brilliant visionary,  but he is also a mentor of mine.      

"I’ve watched Susan paint in the big outdoors. It appears she goes at her canvas with  a wide-open gestalt in mind. There are  the hills, here’s  the water. Trees  over here  and a few over there. Geese honking. Watercraft schooning along. Where’s the sun?  She starts full force, holds nothing back. No hesitation when it needs a major change;  she scrapes and makes her changes. Fearless.  


She’ll  fill  four large  canvases in  an  afternoon,  heavy  with  paint. The  compositions  are bold and sensitive. Not sweet or meek, but recognizing  the effort and worth of  growing  things and  the living world. You can walk or row into their center. These  paintings are alive."

You can checkout Jef's artist page here.

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